2017 CSA Membership

By Marini Farm Corn Maze (other events)

Wed, Jun 7 2017 10:00 AM Wed, Oct 4 2017 6:30 PM

What is a CSA? CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”. It is a financial model of running a farm where customers pay for their “share of the harvest” upfront, then receive produce “dividends” as it becomes available. We, the farmer, benefit by receiving payments at the beginning of the growing season, when we need them the most, to buy seeds and supplies to produce food. This reduces the interest costs of loans to begin the season. The CSA partnership is good for you, good for the farm, and good for our earth.

Why join Marini Farm’s CSA?

You receive fresh locally grown delicious vegetables and fruit

Connect with your local grower. By investing you are helping to preserve the largest growing vegetable farm on the Northshore that has been your local farm for more than 80 years.

Allow you to try a full variety of fruit and vegetables

Reduce your carbon footprint. Local produce travels far less than grocery store produce (an average of 1,500 miles less!)

To buy the same quality product received in the CSA, you would have to spend 20-50% more money than the cost of the share.

What is the cost of the CSA program? There are two share types - a large and a small. The costs for the 2017 shares are $725 for the large and $395 for the small. 

Mailing Address

259 linebrook rd Ipswich MA 01938